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What would it mean to you if you could land your next role sooner?

If you could win that role that pays better than what you currently earn?

That role that has better conditions, development opportunities and flexibility?


I help my clients overcome the same challenges I faced in my own job search journey. 

So they can save up and get into their first home sooner.

Have more money in the budget to set aside for that long dreamt of family holiday.

Enjoy that occasional smash avo brekky!


Resume Writing


The role of your resume is to be compelling enough so that employers will want to send you an invitation to come in for a job interview.

It is important that the detail in your resume is relevant and tailored to each role you apply for.


The typical format of a resume that I prepare for a client includes:


  • A brief summary of your career

  • Your key skills

  • Your qualifications

  • Your professional experience (up to the last 10 years)

  • Your achievements

Cover Letter

A cover letter is an opportunity for you to build connection with your prospective employer. It is also an opportunity for a prospective employer to assess your written communication skill.

I can create a cover letter for you that addresses the key requirements of a specific role or produce a general cover letter highlighting your skills and experience which you can tweak to suit different jobs.

Laptop and Notebook

Interview Coaching 

Congratulations, you've been shortlisted for an interview!

To perform your best, preparation is vital.


A job interview is like an exam and can be absolutely nerve-wracking, especially if it's been a while since you last attended one!

I can teach you how to select your best work examples to respond to specific questions and how to structure your answers effectively to help you feel more confident and perform your best on the day of the job interview.

Work Interview

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform globally.

Having a well written, optimised LinkedIn profile is an important part of your online networking and  lead source for job opportunities.

I can develop an optimised LinkedIn Profile for you as well as provide you with valuable tips on how to leverage your profile as part of your job search. 

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