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About Me

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Hello! I'm Georgina.

I'm a Resume Writer and Interview Coach based in Melbourne, Australia.


A mum of three, I'm an absolute sweet tooth and enjoy an extra hot mocha, regularly! 

I have over 10 years experience as a Human Resource (HR) Professional which includes time spent recruiting and interviewing job candidates for major recruitment campaigns. 

Despite having assessed hundreds of job applications, when it came to putting myself forward for a promotion, I really struggled and lacked the confidence to highlight my professional skills and the impact I'd made throughout my career.

I kept applying for leadership roles and I kept getting rejected.

I researched resume writing and job interview tips endlessly to improve my job applications.


Still, the rejection letters kept coming.

My self - esteem took a big hit. 

I was filled with self - doubt and suffered major imposter syndrome!

Finally, after 8 years of trying on my own, I got the promotion I wanted.

I never realised during my job search journey that there were people who could help me to achieve my career goals faster.


Get noticed as the ideal candidate

You're aiming for your next role - that role with better conditions, better pay and more development opportunities. 

You've been DIY'ing your job application, tweaking it each time you find a new bit of information on how to improve your resume or better your cover letter.

You know you have the skills for the roles you've applied for, so you're not sure why you're being overlooked.

Tailoring your job application for every role you apply for is key to getting noticed!

You need to show recruiters you are the ideal candidate for the role. 

You have the skills and experience they want.


Get a {FREE} Resume Review


Want to know if you are marketing your skills and experience effectively?


Send me a copy of your existing resume and I'll let you know.

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